Furniture Cleaning

Furniture & Drapery Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

Broome Steam can clean all types of furniture fabrics with our two basic cleaning methods. Our technicians can determine which of the two methods are best. The Fine Fabric Care Method (low moisture cleaning) or The Standard Method (wet cleaning).

Key Inspection Factors Our Technicians use In Determining Fine Fabric care Or Standard Care

Standard Care Cleaning

  1. Is the fabric synthetic or mostly synthetic?
  2. Does the fabric have a stabilized or coated back?
  3. Is it solid color or earth tone combination?
  4. Cost of furniture is of moderate value.

Fine Fabric Care Cleaning

  1. Are there deep blues, reds or greens in combination with very Light colors?
  2. is it a decorator fabric? Velvet, Jacquard, Haitian Cotton or Glazed Finish?
  3. Cost of furniture is of high value.

Drapery Cleaning

There is no need to remove your drapes from the rods. Enjoy the convenience of having them cleaned where they hang, eliminating the problems of bare windows.

Pre Cleaning Instructions

  1. Move all small breakable objects such as lamps, figurines, crystal or ceramic decoration, and pictures.
  2. Move all small objects from the cleaning area such as toys, magazine racks, shoes, and sneakers.
  3. Make sure cleaner has cleared access to entryway.

Post Cleaning Instructions

  1. Do not return cushions to normal seating position until completely dry.
  2. Proper air flow will promote faster drying. During the summer months open as many screened windows as possible and turn on any fans and during the colder months raising the thermostat a few degrees is recommended.