Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Pre Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Move all small breakable objects such as lamps, figurines, crystal or ceramic decoration, and pictures
  2. Move all small objects from the cleaning area such as toys, magazine racks, shoes, and sneakers.
  3. Make sure cleaner has cleared access to entryway.

Post Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Caution: until carpets are completely dry (12 to 24 hours) you must exercise extreme care when stepping onto hard surface floors so that you do not slip and fall.
  2. Proper air flow will promote faster drying. During the summer months open as many screened windows as possible and turn on any fans and during the colder months raising the thermostat a few degrees is recommended.
  3. Leave pads and blocks under furniture until all carpet is completely dry.

Why have your carpet cleaned by Broome Steam?

As carpeting becomes more high tech, with the introduction of stain-resistant products, you may be wondering to yourself why your carpeting needs to be cleaned. The best reason for cleaning carpets is to ensure healthy indoor air quality. After the energy crisis in the 1970s, buildings were constructed to be more energy efficient.

Although well insulted buildings save energy, they tend to prevent healthy transfer of outside air, exposing people to higher levels of contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, pollen and dust mites, as well as household odors that adhere to carpet.

One of the advantages of carpeting is that it acts as a filter for debris in the indoor environment. As a filter, carpets, unlike hard floor surfaces, hold contaminants and prevents them from being recirculated into the atmosphere. Like all filters, carpets must be cleaned to remain effective. All fiber manufacturers and most carpet mills recommend using hot water extraction, better known as steam cleaning, as the best method to clean carpets. This recommendation is also endorsed by Dr. Michael Berry of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Customers are pleased with the results of Broome Steam’s cleaning methods, which are attributed to high-quality cleaning solutions, equipment and the knowledge of our certified technicians.

Broome Steam meets these requirements:

  • Broome Steam uses a three-stage filtration system vacuum, a type used in many hospitals, which traps more than 99% of all dirt and contaminants, down to .3 microns in size.
  • Standard furniture items are to be moved as a part of the standard cleaning process. Items not normally moved include fish tanks, waterbeds, loaded china cabinets, antiques, completers, electronic equipment, televisions, stoves, refrigerators and delicate or fragile items, such as knickknacks.
  • Broome Steam gives special attention to spots and stains during the normal cleaning procedure.
  • Special “pretreatment agents” in entry and traffic areas will be considered a part of the normal cleaning process.
  • All Broome Steam’s cleaning agents are biodegradable, user friendly and may be used on all carpets.
  • Broome Steam uses air movers to decrease the drying time.

Once you contact Broome Steam to have your carpets cleaned, a courteous technician will inspect the areas to be cleaned, inform you of any problems and perform a quality job. You may also inform the technician of any areas you have concerns about. The technician will explain to you the advantages of carpet protector, spotter kits and deodorization to give you the option of purchasing those items at an additional cost.

To make sure that all customers are totally satisfied with the job, Broome Steam contacts them between 3 and 7 days after the cleaning.